• People’s Aspirations

The data regarding multiple development sectors, with recommendations and suggestions from ward councillors, are collected for 100 wards of the corporation. The data is compiled to understand the situation for each ward. The data is also discussed at the ward sabhas to validate the same and obtain further comments from the residents of the ward.
Status: 97 wards completed

  • Socio-Economic Survey

To understand the socio-economic situation of development, a sample survey is conducted. (sample size is taken as 10%, 10 % of each ward population is covered under this survey). Surveyors visit each house and collect the information regarding development perspectives, and family details to obtain a picture of the socio-economic conditions of the residents of the city. Modern survey techniques using mobile phones are employed for faster and efficient data collection. The data is compiled and reports are generated to portray the situation for the city.
Status: survey works due to start in October 2018

  • Land Use Survey

The land-use survey for the entire city is conducted using surveyors in the field. Amrut guidelines are adopted for collecting land-use and other data from the field. Satellite imagery data obtained from the national remote sensing agency is used for the field. Approximately 800 grids each of about 0.3 sq.km areas is used for the survey. The field survey details are digitized and transferred to a cadastral base, to obtain the survey number based on existing land use details of the city. In addition to the land-use details, other information such as roads, atm, transformers, bridges/flyovers, bus stops and even street lights are collected and compiled. Modern survey techniques using mobile phones are employed for faster and efficient data collection.
Status: survey works due to start in October 2018

  • Market survey, housing/slum survey, open spaces survey

To facilitate studies regarding various sectors, other field surveys like market survey, housing/slum survey, park and open spaces survey are also planned. These are planned to be conducted involving academic partnerships, to impart practical planning know-how to students and thereby capturing their inputs in the study of these aspects.
Status: survey works not started

  • Ward Sabha meetings

Ward sabha meetings are planned, at intervals, during definite stages of the work, to induce inclusive planning. Details of studies are shared at ward sabhas organised by councillors, to invite feedback. The final outputs of the master plan are also shared to include public participation during finalising the plan.
Status: first meeting scheduled between 15th -31st October 2018

  • Working group Meetings

The corporation has constituted working groups for 18 development sectors, with a chairman, convener and members. Members include department officers, experts and other political social representatives. The working group is constituted to aid the special committee, in preparation of the master plan. The committee discusses the sectoral development issues in details and helps to arrive at the most suitable and optimal solutions and suggestions for development. The working groups meet periodically at each stage of the plan preparation.
Status: first meeting on 4th October 2018

  • Special Committee Meetings

The special committee is constituted by the corporation for preparing the master plan. The committee includes chairman, convener and other members. The special committee is directly responsible for the preparation of the master plan.
Status: 3 meetings completed