The master plan is a comprehensive development document, prepared for an area, which details out the development scope, potential, perspectives and proposals of the area, through public participation and consultation. The document includes detailed reports, proposed zoning maps, proposal details and development regulations for the city.

The master plan is prepared in accordance with the provisions of state town and country planning act of 2016. Thiruvananthapuram corporation is the responsible agency for preparation of master plan, with the technical assistance of the department of town and country planning. The plan is prepared for Thiruvananthapuram corporation area comprising of 100 wards, includes development details for the next 20 years

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation has made a council resolution in 2017, for preparing a master plan, and has also constituted a special committee and working groups for 18 development sectors, including council representatives, department officers, experts, and other political social representatives.


Need for Plan


The master plan brings forth a planned order of development. This leads to sustainable and balanced socio-economic development. A futuristic development vision enables protection of valuable environmental resources.

The proper utilisation of land resources is also possible through a master plan. A planned development ensures efficient distribution of basic infrastructural facilities for the city. Development of socio-cultural facilities including recreational spaces, taking into consideration their effective spatial distribution, is also possible.

As also basic infrastructure amenities like water supply and sanitation can be effectively addressed through master plans. Planning of effective and functional networks for regional connectivity between the planning area and surrounding areas is also attained.

Compatibility between distributions of different uses like residential, industrial, commercial can be achieved through a master plan. Also, the inherent heritage values of the city are conserved through planned development.

In a nutshell, master plans pave way for achieving a holistic and inclusive standardised development scenario for the city.

City Planning Efforts till Date


1. Sanctioned a master plan for Thiruvananthapuram city – 1971- (for 76 area)

2. Published a master plan for the city-1993

3. A draft master plan for the new corporation area published– 2013

4. State government decides to prepare a new master plan for Thiruvananthapuram city and publish the draft master plan as an interim development order, till new master plan comes into force– 2016

5. The published master plan came into force as an interim development order(ido)-2017

6. Central government scheme for city development, amrut (Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation) launched and includes preparation of gis (geographic information system) based master plan for selected cities.

7. The new master plan for the corporation under the CSS of the formulation of amrut gis based master plan is commenced -2018

Development Sectors

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry



Water supply, Sewerage

Sanitation, Waste Management



Housing, Slum development

Tourism and Heritage



Disaster Management

Civic Amenities


Trade and commerce


Town planning

Women, Children, Disabled & Senior Citizen friendly